I am trying to make paintings that are nice to look at, in the sense that the audience gets tempted to keep looking a little bit longer than necessary. What I really like to do, is paintings that are both interesting and nice at the same time. Sometimes I make ugly, or let’s say unpleasant paintings, that indeed are interesting. I don’t know what to think about that yet, but I am happy as long as I am avoiding to do paintings that are both ugly and uninteresting, at the same time. My subject matter is painting itself. In that way I am pretty much a part of the western modernist tradition I am brought up with. What can you do with paint on a two dimensional surface? My work is based on color, the temperament of different nuances and how these can be combined in order to achieve certain poetical qualities. But a subject matter such as 'painting itself', need a source, something real and concrete from outside itself. My work starts with nature, simple observations of the nature around me; colors and structures, but also different moods, or movements, such as changes in weather or seasons. Jon Sund Curacao, October 2007